Give me a break. Of course beat

By Dan McDermott
The Lynchburg Times

The Huffington Post beat The New York Times in unique web visitors in May.

There. I said it.

The Drudge Report has linked to a Politico story about a bit of a Twitter-tiff between the two media heavyweights following news that Comscore found that Huffington Post had 35.5 million unique visitors in May compared with 33.59 million at

An executive from HuffPo owner AOL gloat-tweeted “Six years to disrupt 100 years. nice work team huffpost!”

Not to be outdone, NYTimes fired back, re-tweeting Forbes blogger Jeff Bercovici’s note that about 30% of HuffPo’s traffic comes from parent AOL.

Huffington Post responded with “Sorry guys, this is just for AOL sites not included.”

To this the New York Times tweeted “So, are you saying that does not redirect to”

This is silly.

AOLNews does in fact redirect to But so what? That doesn’t change the fact that the Times got beat.

Lots of sites have redirects.


I wonder if the Times has redirects?

Wait, they do!

Such valuable internet properties as and redirect to

In fact, 44 domains redirect to the home page of The Times.

The point here isn’t who is right (HuffPo) or wrong (NYTimes) but that the fight should be honest. Brutal is good. Disingenuous is bad.

Let’s stop the hogwash. Oops… also redirects to

Disclosure: Dan McDermott owns three newspapers in Virginia. His work has appeared in and/or been linked to by Huffington Post and The New York Times. He is a fan of both the new-tech website and the site that is the pride of the Old Gray Lady ( also redirects to the NYTimes. Both spellings: gray and grey.)

So hang in there, New York Times. Be proud of the 44 domain names that redirect to your flagship home in the interwebitubes:

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