Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s weekly column: The technology sector is vital to our economic recovery

By Rep. Bob Goodlatte

The technology industry in America is a major driving force and job-creating engine of our economy. The most recent data indicates that Virginia is one of the leading states in terms of the number of technology jobs. In order to grow our economy in Virginia and nationally we must ensure this vital sector is protected and able to flourish. Recently I was joined by House Speaker Boehner in announcing the House Republican Technology Working Group’s agenda for this Congress. As Chairman of the Working Group we will focus on the issues that will help America maintain and expand its competitive edge in the technology sector while creating jobs to fuel economic growth.

Specifically, we will promote policies to protect American intellectual property. America is the most innovative nation on earth, due in part to the strong intellectual property protections our Founder’s included in the Constitution and Congress’ commitment to keep those protections strong and current. In order to grow our national economy we must ensure this vital sector is protected and able to thrive.

The Working Group also intends to support efforts to protect the U.S. from cyber attacks. Protecting cyberspace is vital to securing critical assets like telecommunications, energy, water, health care, transportation, emergency and financial services.

Another key component of the Technology Working Group’s agenda is promoting free and fair trade. In order to increase the competitiveness of American companies, Congress must pass pending free trade agreements to expand market access for domestic products.

The Technology Working Group believes access and retention of the world’s best and brightest workers is key to our economic recovery. Congress must examine current education programs to make sure they are operating effectively and that we eliminate duplicate, unneeded and unsuccessful programs. We will also examine current visa and immigration laws to make sure we attract and retain the best and brightest minds.

Additionally, we intend to focus on policies that update the tax code to ensure job growth. We will promote tax reforms that put Americans back to work and encourage companies to invest domestically. Business owners across the country want to invest in their firms and hire new workers. Congress must ensure that our overly complicated tax code doesn’t stand in their way.

The Technology Working Group will also promote policies that reduce unnecessary red tape and regulation. Regulatory and tax burdens often times tie the hands of business. Congress must focus on policies that allow businesses to use their resources to innovate, not force businesses to use them to comply with government red tape.

I am working hard to advance a pro-growth jobs agenda where the technology sector can flourish here in the 6th District of Virginia and across the country. In working to advance these and other technology policies, we will ensure that the U.S. continues to lead the world in innovation and that the technology sector in America remains a driving force and job-creating engine of our economy.

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