Suicidal subject on the John Lynch Bridge

On Thursday June 16, 2011 at 1:51 pm, the Lynchburg Police and Fire Departments responded to a possible suicidal subject on the John Lynch Bridge near the north bound side. On arrival officers found a 41-year-old male near the edge of the bridge giving indications that he may want to harm himself. Officers from Patrol, Investigations, and the Negotiations Team successfully convinced the subject to submit to medical assistance and the subject was taken to the Lynchburg general Hospital for evaluation.

In an attempt to secure the scene as much as possible, both the north and south bound lanes of the John Lynch Bridge were closed for approximately two and a half hours and both lanes are now re-opened and traffic is flowing normally.

If anyone has any questions regarding this press release, please feel free to contact Lt. Dave R. Gearhart at 455-6059 or email him at

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