Amherst weekly crime report – June 17, 2011

Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle, Elon Road, June 9th; a vehicle was taken from Floyd County without the owner’s permission and the suspect stopped here. Jeffrey Michael Truax, a 51 year old male of Ivymount Road Richmond, was arrested and held for outstanding warrants. He was charged with two counts of failing to appear in court from Richmond and one of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle from Floyd County. He is being held without bond pending his transport back to those jurisdictions for trial.

Petit Larceny , Madison Square, June 6th; Cynthia Michelle Terry, a 39 year old female of South Amherst Highway Madison Heights, was charged with taking items from Wal-Mart

Grand Larceny, South Amherst Highway, June 7th; a number of power tools were taken from a storage locker

Burglary, duke Drive, June 8th; a residence was entered and several prescription drugs were taken

Petit Larceny, Thacker Lane, June 9th; an engine part was taken from a mailbox

Grand Larceny, South Amherst Highway, June 5th; cash was taken from a purse at Koto’s Restaurant

Third Offense Petit Larceny & Drunk in Public, South Amherst Highway, June 9th; Dennis Wayne Megginson, a 37 year old male of Galt’s Mill Road Madison Heights, was charged with taking beer from Stop Inn,

Petit Larceny, Madison Square, June 11th; Robert Louis Hamlett, a 54 year old male of Cabell Street Lynchburg, was charged with taking a number of meat items from Wal-Mart

Property Damage, 7th Street, June 13th; a window in a parked car was damaged

Grand Larceny, Angel Hollow Road, June 14th; several batteries were taken from logging equipment

Grand Larceny, South Amherst Highway, June 15th; a passenger side mirror was taken from a parked tractor trailer

Burglary & Grand Larceny, Industrial Park Road, June 15th; a Verizon building was entered and a large amount of copper wire taken

Grand Larceny, Quail Run, June 15th; cash and a chainsaw were removed from a residence

Obtain Money by False Pretense, Seminole Plaza, May 31st; two subjects were using a closed account to attempt to access cash, the cash is being investigated

Shoplifting, Madison Square, June 15th; Heather Nicole Bateman, a 21 year old female of Monroe Street Monroe, was charged with taking items from Wal-Mart

Petit Larceny, Cherry Hill Road, June 15th; a lawn mower was taken from a storage building

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