Bugs University opening at Amazement Square on July 1, 2011

Lynchburg, VA – June 27, 2011 – On July 1, Amazement Square will introduce the museum’s latest exhibition Bugs University (Bugs U.). Through exploration of Bugs U., visitors learn the importance of insects in maintaining a healthy environment for all organisms. Visitors explore different species of insects, their ecosystems and roles in the environment, and how insects help humans and other organisms.

“Bugs are a vital part of the environment, yet so many people just view them as an annoyance,” said Heather Reed, Director of Education and Exhibits at Amazement Square. “With Bugs University you can get up close and personal with bugs – either pretending to be one or observing live ones. In this fun and interactive exhibition visitors can understand more about bugs and embrace their importance in our environment. “

Highlights of the exhibition, which is organized into various “university departments” include “Night Classes” where visitors can explore the bugs that live beneath rocks, complete a puzzle of metamorphosis, and even build their own bug. In “Campus Security”, guests will determine time of death of a victim by studying the bugs at the crime scene. “Web Communication” will allow children to experience the world as an insect when they get caught in a giant spider web. Bugs U. students also get to exercise in “gym class” by climbing through a life-size ant hill!

The exhibition will also include live insects, including a hissing cockroach, a tarantula, bessbugs, leeches, and a scorpion. Praying mantises will also be in the exhibition where guests will be able to watch the process of the insects’ growth. The mantises will be in egg form at the beginning of July with a hatch date expected mid-July, and will reach maturity in November. The live insects will be located in the central portion of the exhibition so that hesitant visitors can take their time to acclimate to their presence.

To celebrate the opening of this exhibition, the museum will host a special grand opening event on Saturday, July 2 (10am-5pm) where visitors can explore Bugs U. with related activities and programs. From 12pm – 1pm guests will be able to participate in “Insect Feet Painting”, a program designed for participants to learn about different “footprints” of bugs according to size and shape. Participants will also be able to paint bug footprints using various fake bugs! Visitors will also get to make their own eye Hawk Moth at any time during the day at a craft station located near Bugs University.

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