Video: UK Tabloid drama. Fox News. Google Plus.

While CNN shuffles its prime time line-up, the UK tabloid hacking scandal heats up and President Obama’s Twitter Town Hall fizzles. Does Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg need adult supervision?

McDermott Report Topics:

- News of the World hacking story gets even worse.
- Is Rupert Murdoch a good guy? Dan and Emily disagree.
- What about the state of media in general?
- Is Fox News a good outfit?
- Eliot Spitzer is down but not out.
- Piers Morgan is cool.
- News Corp. is to PM Cameron what Google is to President Obama.
- If Republicans agree to ANY tax increases of ANY kind under ANY circumstances they will get tea party primary challenges. Period.
- Hypothetical: What if the President held a psuedo-Twitter town hall and everyone who would have cared was on Google+ gossiping about Facebook’s prod-demo held in what looked like a run down inner-city school cafeteria with rented folding chairs? What if? Just sayin’…
- Facebook’s PR flacks soliciting Google-trashing stories?
- Like all juvenile’s with a naughty streak, Mark Zuckerberg needs some adult supervision.
- If Myspace was for kids and bands, will Facebook end up with grandparents and grandkids while everyone else is on Google Plus?
- Everyone likes Google+. Everyone. Except Mark Zuckerberg.
- We trust Google. Facebook? Not so much.
- Why do we get excited whenever Google does anything?
- Matt Drudge is The Master.
- Could the use of “Google” as a verb lead to a loss of trademark enforcement?

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