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- UK phone hacking scandal not yet impacting News Corp. US properties
- 7% News Corp. shareholder Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud says he is ethical. Interesting.
- Why is it easier to read news on a Blackberry app than on a website?
- Print generates vastly more revenue than online. But grossing and netting are two different things.
- Almost all stories in aggregators, blogs and broadcast outlets originated in a print outlet.
- And what’s up with ‘The Daily’????
- Dan was in the Blue Angels show when they got in trouble.
- YouTube sends Dan a ‘turn revenue sharing on your account’ email. Restrictions included…
- Dan beats up Blue Ridge PBS again
- Emily is going to do a cooking show!! Well… some sort of food show?
- Food Network is a real success story. Even though they don’t have Emily. Yet.
- Chara the awesome call screener joins the conversation
- Indiana schools can stop teaching kids cursive writing.
- Are Google & Wikipedia causing memory degradation?
- Is the internet hurting or helping humans’ general cultural knowledge
- Ron Paul launches the biggest media buy to-date of the 2012 presidential campaign
- Is gold money? What is ‘legal tender’ anyway?
- Is Ron Paul right about the gold standard?
- Michelle Bachmann will win Iowa but won’t get an Obama-like bump
- What causes inflation?
- Eric Cantor and Barack Obama can’t stand each other. Bit of a tif…
- If the federal debt ceiling is not raised, will average people even notice?
- Who is winning? The White House or the GOP?
- Are the right people negotiating for the Republicans? Can anyone ‘handle’ the tea party?
- Emily reflects on Massachusetts health care. (Good but not like mom and dad’s plan…)
- What’s up with Mitt Romney trashing Romneycare? Same guy, right?
- McCain ran a really, really bad campaign.
- Will Sarah Palin run?
- The group handicaps the GOP field.
- Glen promises to tell us cool 911 stories tomorrow night.
- Emily is on the City Council teevee! (Sometimes the only one awake…)

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