All about Google Plus w/ Christina Trapolino: McDermott Report (23)

- Google + is huge. How is it different from Facebook.
- Emily has been more engaged on Plus she ever was on Facebook. Why?
- Christina says Plus is a “more refined network” that can change the world. How and why?
- What does Plus offer that is different?
- Does anyone really know what Plus will become? How it will be used in the future?
- How a single re-share of Christina’s posts made a big impact.
- Why do we seem to have a natural affinity for anything Google does? How are they different?
- Australia considering making Facebook 18+. How young is to young for social media?
- Amazon takes their sales tax case to Ca. voters. Who is right?
- NYTimes gains 150,000 digital subscribers. Victory for paywalls?
- Google to offer credit card to advertisers.
- Google buys Fridge. Is this odd?

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