New live web TV show debuts on Google Plus (video)

July 30, 2011

Google Plus experts and users mixed it up on the first episode of Google+ Week Friday night. It is the first weekly web TV show on and about the world’s newest social network. The premier featured discussion ranging from the [...]

McDermott Report Promo

All about Google Plus w/ Christina Trapolino: McDermott Report (23)

July 22, 2011

- Google + is huge. How is it different from Facebook. – Emily has been more engaged on Plus she ever was on Facebook. Why? – Christina says Plus is a “more refined network” that can change the world. How [...]

McDermott Report

Video: The McDermott Report – Today’s News (22)

July 21, 2011

- Mark Zuckerburg is most popular guy on Google Plus even though he and Google hate each other – Dan has lost 20 pounds by not eating junk in a box – Debt Crisis update (important even though it kills [...]

Netflix down

More outrage as non-responsive Netflix goes down during Sunday prime time

July 18, 2011

By Dan McDermott The Lynchburg Times Oh, how quickly they fall. For years revered by employees and customers alike, the reputation of Netflix has gone (as Moody’s might put it) from AAA to junk. Less than one week after announcing [...]